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At The Phebe Foundation, we are deeply grateful for all our sponsors, donors, and community partners. Your invaluable support enables us to drive the positive changes our community needs. To honor your contributions and highlight the impact you've made, we want to feature your organization in our media. By showcasing your involvement, we aim to demonstrate how your efforts are making a significant difference in our mission. 


How to Share Your Story:

We invite you to record a short video to introduce yourself and highlight your support for The Phebe Foundation. This video will be featured on our social media and other media platforms to showcase the incredible stories of our sponsors and inspire others to join our cause. Please follow the instructions below for an easier journey. 


  1. Can you share any recent news or updates from your company or organization that you'd like our community to know about?

  2. What inspired you to partner with The Phebe Foundation, and how do you see this collaboration benefiting the community?

  3. In your opinion, what impact do you hope to achieve through your support of The Phebe Foundation's initiatives, and why is this cause important to you?

Step 1: Record Your Video

  1. Prepare Your Message: Think about what you want to say in your sponsor video. You might want to introduce yourself, share why you support The Phebe Foundation, and any other message you'd like to convey.

  2. Find a Quiet Location: Choose a quiet location with good lighting to ensure your video has clear audio and visual quality.

  3. Use Your Phone: Open the camera app on your phone and switch to video mode.

  4. Start Recording: Press the record button and begin speaking. Remember to speak clearly and look into the camera. Aim for a video length of around 1-2 minutes.

  5. Review Your Video: Once you’re done, watch the video to make sure you’re happy with it.

Step 2: Upload Your Video​

  1. Fill out the submission form: Please fill up the form down below with your personal information

  2. Upload Your Video: Click the “Upload File +” button on the form. Select the video file you recorded from your phone’s gallery.

  3. Submit: After uploading the video and filling in your details, click the “Submit” button to complete the process. Wait until you see the "Thanks for Submitting!" message.

Submission form:

Video Submission

Upload File
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