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Help us achieve our goal of bringing internet/wi-fi to all households.

Connecting the Disconnected, Wired 2 Work program will aim to bring services to eligible citizens of low to moderate income
including seniors, students, and adults. 

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Along with our sponsoring partners, additional donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Our framework estimates that just $63 can wire 1 family, for up to 3 months.  


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Wired2Work looks to provide equitable access for low- to moderate- income households
to assist in Getting & Staying Connected to our new virtual world!


The Issue

Although a sometimes overlooked privilege. Internet is no longer optional, it is a necessity for advancement and plays a major role in our 


We will stand in the disconnect gap and close it, by providing No Cost service
providing internet capabilities at no cost to the end user

Now, More

Than Ever

Providing social connection in the "new norm" of Covid-19. Having access to the internet is crucial for tele-health appointments, banking/online, bill pay, tele-finance, online learning, remote work, unemployment management, and various government benefit

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