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Did You Know?

Cleveland is the Worst Connected Big City in the Nation.*


In a city where 1 out of 4 people live under the poverty line, we are ALSO the worst connected city in the nation. No access to internet makes basic human rights like education, job opportunities, and healthcare unobtainable.


The Phe’be Foundation wants to change that.


By standing in the financial gap of the digital divide, Wired 2 Work aims to connect the unconnected by providing internet access for up to 1 year while also providing the financial tools needed to succeed.

*Per Latest Census Data

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About Wired2Work

Connecting the Disconnect, Wired 2 Work aims to bring services to citizens of Cleveland in need of internet service. Along with our sponsoring partners, additional donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.

Our framework estimates that just $83 can wire 1 family, for up to 3 months. Our pilot program goal is to provide funding & collaborative access by covering the cost of Internet services for six (6) months up to one (1) year at no cost to the families/end users.

Program Requirements

  • If your household is in need of internet service 
  • Complete a Needs Assessment
  • Receive Financial Literacy Training through the Phe'be Foundation to learn how to sustain your internet service payment.
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Wired2Work looks to provide equitable access for low- to moderate- income households to assist in Getting & Staying Connected to our new virtual world!

Addressing the Issue

Although a sometimes overlooked privilege - the Internet is no longer optional. It is a necessity for advancement and plays a major role in our mission.


We will stand in the financial gap and close it by providing internet service and capabilities at no cost to the end user and financial literacy support for all Wired 2 Work participants. 

Now, More than Ever

Having access to interne during the COVID-19 pandemic is crucial for tele-health appointments, banking/online, bill pay, tele-finance, online learning, remote work, unemployment management, and various government benefit programs

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