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Thank you to everyone who participated in GEN YZ in the month of May. Stay tuned for the next FREE class from the Phe'be Foundation!

Who Are We

Did you get the memo?

Generations Y and Z are estimated to be one of the wealthiest generations YET! Prepare yourself for the bag by registering for this FREE service to set you up with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to find your financial success.


  • Balancing the Budget for YOU

  • Taxes, Student Loans & Debt Relief 

  • Home Ownership, Renter's Rights

  • Entrepreneurism

  • Wealth & Wellness Building

  • Credit & Credibility

Generation Y & Z is the program for you. So, why not? If you have an hour and a half of your day, you can gain the crucial skills needed to achieve financial success. Like we said, why not! We want to help YOU. 

Course Requirements: 

  1. Ages 21-39

  2. Participate in a 4-week curriculum

  3. Saturdays throughout the month of May from 10 AM to 11:30 AM

  4. In-Person or Virtual

$50 to $100

Average Cost of a Financial Literacy Class


Through the Phe'be Foundation!

Sponsored by: 

Download Past Class Presentations

Class 3: Credit Scores

Registration is Closed.
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