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July 21-23, 2023

Our Wealth and Wellness start right here in the C.L.E. Lets Collaborate, Lead, and Empower together.

The Phe'be Foundation presents the Wealth Wellness Weekend on Friday, July 21, 2023 to Sunday, July 23, 2023. This three-day collection of events will promote Wealth and Health Wellness to the Buckeye/Woodhill Buckeye/Shaker and surrounding neighbors. The weekend kicks off on Friday evening with a community block party featuring live entertainment, games, food trucks, vendors, family activities, and giveaways. Saturday morning will feature the Wealth Creation Symposium which offers a variety of workshops, resources, and guest presenters. All Ohioans are invited to wrap up Wealth Wellness Weekend with us on Sunday with the Wellness Walk (#stepsagainstinequities). The walk will be an outdoor course through the downtown Cleveland area with medical, canine companions, outdoor fitness, vendor stations and food & sponsorship giveaways. Our Wealth, Health, and Wellness starts right here, in the C.L.E



Wealth Creation Kickoff
Block Party

Cleveland Public Library -
Rice Brance 4pm - 8pm

Buckeye - Shaker Neighborhood


This block party is more than just a weekend gathering. It's a gateway to a world of vendors, resources, and the transformative benefits of engaging with Wealth & Wellness. Experience a community event filled with vendors, food trucks, local businesses, engaging activities, and resources for your journey to wealth and wellness. This is your opportunity to be part of something extraordinary. Mark your calendar and join us for the Wealth Creation Kick Off Block Party for the Buckeye-Woodhill Neighborhood. Together, let's build a community where prosperity, unity, and limitless opportunities thrive. Explore the possibilities, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a journey that will transform your life.


Wealth Creation Symposium

Cleveland Public Library -
Rice Branch 10am - 3pm

Voinovich Bicentennial Park - E9th Street Pie

Buckeye - Shaker Neighborhood


This community-driven gathering is designed to empower participants on their path to financial wellness while offering valuable resources and educational opportunities.

At the event, attendees will have the chance to attend informative seminars, listen to inspiring guest speakers, and access a wide range of community resources. Through engaging financial planning simulations, participants will not only deepen their knowledge but also set meaningful goals for their own financial future.

Our comprehensive resources cover a diverse array of topics, ensuring that there's something for everyone. From financial literacy programs tailored for children to STEM career exploration, we aim to equip individuals of all ages with the tools they need to thrive. Additionally, we'll address important subjects like STABLE accounts, bridging the digital divide, credit management, mortgage assistance, money management strategies, identity protection, small business Q&A sessions, and loans, among others. 

Additionally, we provide one-on-one opportunities to connect with industry experts. This personalized interaction allows attendees to ask specific questions and receive tailored advice.

Join us and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial success. Together, let's pave the way for a brighter financial future.

Register early to receive a FREE Swag Bag (limit 300)


Wellness Walk

Voinovich Bicentennial Park - E9th Street Pier 9am - 12pm

USE PROMOCODE stepsagainstinequities

 for $10 off (First 300)

Join us for The Wealth Wellness Walk: #StepsAgainstInequities, a transformative event that combines wealth, wellness, and community empowerment. Taking place on July 23 at 9am at Voinovich Bicentennial Park in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, this event promises a day filled with purpose, connection, and positive change. Embark on a scenic journey through downtown Cleveland, where you'll pass by iconic landmarks such as Cleveland Browns Stadium, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Free Stamp, City Hall, and more. As you walk, run, or stroll, you'll experience firsthand the energy and vibrancy of our city, while actively contributing to the fight against inequities.

Where Wealth Meets Wellness and Access Meets Equity. encapsulates the spirit of this gathering. We believe that by promoting holistic well-being and providing equal access to resources, we can foster a more inclusive and prosperous community. W have curated a range of resources focused on health and wellness checks, food accessibility, live cooking demonstrations, and overall healthy living. You'll have the opportunity to engage with scavenger hunts, wellness stations, pop-up shops, rejuvenating yoga sessions, and invigorating fitness classes.

At The Wealth Wellness Walk, we recognize that health is foundational to wealth. By prioritizing our well-being and promoting equitable access to essential resources, we can build a stronger and more prosperous society. This event marks a symbolic beginning as we embark on phase 2 of our collective journey toward wealth wellness.

Don't miss this chance to be part of a movement for change. Together, let's take meaningful steps against inequities and empower each participant to create a brighter future. Register now for The Wealth Wellness Walk: #StepsAgainstInequities and be a catalyst for positive transformation in our community.

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