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Time Management Questionnaire

Check YES or NO for each of the items regarding your management of time.

Get to know you:


Let's get started:

Do you often find yourself doing things that interfere with your schoolwork simply because you hate to say no to people?
Do you feel that you are in charge of your own time by and large?
On an average class day do you spend more time with personal grooming than with school work?
Do you believe that there is room for improvement in the way you manage time?
Do you make a list of the priorities you have to do each day?
Do you make constructive use of your time?
Do you continue pursuing unprofitable study routines or habits?
Do you have a set of goals for the entire semester?
Are you still working on an assignment the night before it is due?
Do you regularly review for your class even when a test is not imminent?

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