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Thu, Jan 25


ATM (All Things Money) Radio: Guest Speaker

Sirwilliam Cofield is a Harvard medical school certified meditation coach throughout Cleveland Ohio.

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ATM (All Things Money) Radio: Guest Speaker
ATM (All Things Money) Radio: Guest Speaker

Time & Location

Jan 25, 2024, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

About the event

Sirwilliam Cofield, a renowned meditation coach certified by Harvard Medical School, has been a transformative figure in the wellness community of Cleveland, Ohio. His innovative approach to meditation, known as the Rasta Chi genre, was introduced in 2017 and has since garnered significant attention and acclaim. The term 'Rasta' in this context is an acronym for "Release All Stress Tension Anxiety", reflecting the core philosophy of this unique meditation style. Cofield's work is not confined to a single demographic; he has made remarkable strides in bringing his teachings to a diverse range of groups. His engagements include conducting sessions in schools, where he helps students navigate the stresses of academic and personal life. He has also been a source of support for veterans, offering them tools to manage PTSD and other stress-related conditions.

Furthermore, Sirwilliam Cofield's efforts extend to senior homes, where he aids the elderly in finding mental peace and combating loneliness and anxiety. He is equally active in working with teens on probation, offering them a constructive outlet to cope with their challenges and redirect their energies positively. His work with new mothers and pregnant women is also notable, as he provides them with techniques to manage the emotional and physical stresses associated with motherhood and pregnancy.

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